Dampers by Composites USA


Composites USA has been manufacturing fiberglass, thermoplastic and stainless steel dampers in a variety of styles since the company's beginning.  Shown below are views of some of our fiberglass dampers. These are typically used for throttling (butterfly style), shut off (slide gate) or backdraft.

When required, multiple blade dampers, either parallel or opposed blade, can be provided.  Our standard general purpose design is the style #300 butterfly and style #325 slide damper.  These are available with options including:

        •     flanged ends
        •     shaft seals
        •     electric or pneumatic actuation
        •     hand and chain wheels
        •     blade seals
        •     blade stops

As with our other products, all dampers are available in U.L. and Factory Mutual tested Dual Guard, standard class 1 flame retardant vinyl ester materials, or specialty resins such as Furan.

Assorted Dampers

Shown above:  48" diameter manually operated dampers, 60" diameter electrically operated dampers, 24" x 72" electrically operated opposed blade damper.  All the above incorporate Viton blade seals and Teflon shaft seals.

Assorted Dampers

Shown above: Severe service 12" x 38" rectangular throttling damper, 18" diameter butterfly damper with flanged shaft seals and fiberglass actuator mount, 48" diameter Style #350 FF flanged back draft damper.

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