DualGuard 2000™

DualGuard 2000

The Composite USA advantage stems from decades of product knowledge and experience in producing high quality composite corrosion resistant products.  Our focus is to deliver a product, which exceeds industry standards and our customer’s expectations.

DualGuard 2000 hits the mark by surpassing accepted standards in corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, flame resistance, low smoke generation, and low smoke toxicity. Conveying Corrosive Fumes while Meeting Insurance Underwriter and Building Code Requirements Just Got Easier!

Meet DualGuard 2000™! 

DualGuard 2000 is Factory Mutual (FM) 4922 and 4910 Approved for non-sprinkled fume and smoke removal systems and approved for use in clean rooms. This product takes the heat when exposed to a 10,000 BTU/minute direct flame source.  DualGuard 2000 will continue to exhaust hazardous chemical process fumes during a fire. DualGuard does not require collapsing sleeves or dampers, which would prevent hazardous smoke removal. DualGuard will not generate toxic gases that can endanger employees.

Our Corrosion Liner uses one of the more chemically resistant fluoropolymers available on the market today. In addition to its chemical resistance, with UL 94 V-O rating, it  also has the advantages of low flammability and low smoke generation. It is resistant to chemical attack from most acids, bases and solvents, has excellent temperature resistance, and better barrier properties than PTFE or FEP.  Use of this material in the corrosion liner for DualGuard 2000series products offers obvious significant advantages compared to systems with glass, polyester or no liner reinforcement.

DualGuard 2000 has been listed and approved by Underwriter Laboratories 181 Test procedure, leading to a listing as a Class 1 non-combustible non-metallic duct (File #MH26567). Both the International Building Code and the Uniform Mechanical Code call for non-metallic duct installed without sprinklers to have a Flame Spread of 25 or less and Smoke Development of 50 or less, on both the inside and outside surfaces. Composites USA's DualGuard 2000 has a Flame Spread of 5 and Smoke Developement of 10 on both surfaces.

The base resin used in the DualGuard 2000 system is a copolymer that saturates the fluoropolymer veil, and is the resin system throughout the entire duct.This proprietary copolymer product was developed specifically for enhanced corrosion resistance, low flame propagation and low smoke development for pipe and duct applications. In addition to its superior fire performance, very low smoke evolution, and temperature rating of over 475°F, DualGuard 2000 resin offers excellent corrosion resistance to a wide variety of acids, solvents and bases, and specifically to the types of vapors typically found in exhaust streams from laboratory, semiconductor, plating and pharmaceutical operations. Tests of DualGuard resin demonstrated fatigue strengths (cycles to failure) equivalent to epoxy pipe, and better fatigue strength than vinyl ester.

Composites USA offers Complete System Solutions and with the DualGuard 2000 duct system, fittings and dampers are available in a myriad of configurations, in sizes as small as ½”, and as large as 24’-0” in diameter. Rectangular and oval duct is available, as well as elbows, tees, reducers, transitions, stacks, fume hoods, dampers and more. See the fitting style sheets for a comprehensive view of our standard fittings and components.

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