FlameGuard 2000™ - Class 1 FRP Duct

Flame Guard Class 1 FRP Duct

Fiberglass (or FRP) duct is a relatively thin walled pipe generally used for corrosive fume exhaust from process areas or equipment, but also used for fresh air supply or conveying of liquids or solids at low pressures. Fiberglass duct is commonly used in both above and below ground applications.

Fiberglass FRP Duct is available in a wide variety of corrosion resistant materials, shapes and thickness. All thermoset resins and most reinforcements can be used to fabricate duct, although flame retardant corrosion grade polyesters and vinyl esters using ECR-glass reinforcement predominate. 

Special applications may require the use of more unique bases resins such as furan, phenolic, epoxies.   Furan and phenolic resin based FRP duct systems generally offer enhanced solvent resistance performance compared with polyester and vinyl ester resins; while epoxies can offer improved strength in demanding applications.  

Standard FlameGuard Duct is supplied with a round cross section, but oval, square and rectangular duct is also available. Various industry guidelines exist for specifying proper duct construction, including SMACNA, the U.S. Bureau of Commerce Voluntary Guidelines PS-15-69, and others. A typical specification for fiberglass duct is available in the drop down menu at the top of this page.

Please note that our FlameGuard Duct specification can be customized to meet your particular application requirements. Please contact Composites USA for questions or guidance in this area.

Composites USA manufactures a number of companion products, which may better suit your application.  Other customers who visited the FlameGuard Page Also visited the DualGuard 2000 Product Page. Factory Mutual Approved and U.L. Listed fiberglass duct and fittings. Low flame propagation (ASTM E-84 =5) and low smoke generation (ASTM E-84 = 10) in corrosive fume exhaust applications.

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