Test and Inspection Services

Composites USA maintains the manpower, resources and expertise required to assist in the management of your Preventative Maintenance and Risk Management Program. Inspections are performed by qualified Composites USA Technicians.

Our ServicesTypical Test and Inspection Services include:

  • Comprehensive On-site FRP and Dual Laminate equipment survey and preventative inspection/maintenance consultation
  • Each piece of FRP and or Dual Laminate equipment is assigned an inspection frequency cycle based on:
  • Age of equipment
  • Service history
  • Current condition
  • Detailed Composites USA Inspection Report, based on the equipment survey
  • Inspection Frequency Reminders
  • Composites USA follows the Inspection Report to provide our customers with a reminder for inspection due dates

Typical key inspection points:

  • Barcol Hardness – To assess the hardness of the laminate
  • Visual Inspection – To visually identify defects
  • Thickness – Ultrasonic thickness readings are taken to assess the remaining thickness of the equipment
  • Spark Testing – Used for thermoplastic lining weld interfaces, in dual laminate equipment.  This testing ensures a leak free interface between the thermoplastic corrosion liner and the FRP structural thermo-set.
  • Physical property testing on coupon cutouts as needed, based upon the test/inspection information generated
  • Our Technicians finish every Test and Inspection service by reviewing the inspection results with the customer appointed site contact and reporting any equipment issues that should be addressed.  The same information will be supplied to the customer in the completed Inspection Report to follow
  • Inspection Report submittal
  • Reports contain detailed equipment information, inspection observations, as well as recommendations and supporting photos.

Composites USA Inspectors are seasoned professionals, experienced in the fiberglass and Dual Laminate industries.  All inspectors are trained, and participate in industry specific continuing education programs.  In addition, each inspector is fully OSHA safety trained and equipped with all necessary tools to safely perform our Test and Inspection services.  

Our goal is to safely and efficiently inspect your equipment and provide you with a concise plan for maintaining your plant’s critical process equipment, in order to minimize downtime, and maintain a low cost of equipment operation; while maximizing the its useful service life.  

Contact us for further information on our Test & Inspection Services, or to find out about our Preventative Maintenance services.